The Immunological Toolbox website is part of a wider international effort to consolidate activities, both past and present, to secure and promote important hybridoma collections and generate recombinant antibodies. 

The UK Immunological Toolbox activities at The Pirbright Institute focus on the sequencing of existing hybridoma cell lines and the generation of recombinant antibodies. The Roslin Institute is focussed on the development of new reagents, and validation of existing reagents for specificity and cross-reactivity. This includes tailored projects for the development of monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies, and the production of recombinant proteins which can be used as immunogens for antibody production, or other applications including growth factors or ELISA assay reagents. Specialist support for the development and application of reagents for specific assays including flow cytometry, histology, Western blotting and ELISA. For an exhaustive list of services offered, please refer to Services.

This work has only been possible with collaboration and support from the following institutes and organisations:

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